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Votre fournisseur de vins et produits alimentaires libanais et orientaux en Europe

Sodimo is the French subsidiary of Groupe Fattal, leader distributor in the Middle East.
As a Lebanese and Eastern wines and products distributor, Sodimo sell:

Sodimo: a historical presence in Europe

Created in 1985 in Gennevilliers, Sodimo selects and imports the highest quality food products and wines from fine Lebanese and Levantine cuisine, in order to distribute throughout Europe, from Norway to Malta, from Ireland to Poland. The central location of our head office and our 6000m²warehouse at the gates of Paris allow us to easily cover the entire French and European territories.

Distributor to all food experts

As per our customers feedback, we have tailor made our service to cover all food categories. We are the direct suppliers for

  • key account (supermarkets);
  • Lebanese and Eastern restaurants;
  • caterings looking for exceptional products;
  • Lebanese, Eastern and exotic groceries;
  • delicatessens;
  • local stores with a mix offer;
  • wine merchants;
  • online sales sites.

We have also developed a large European network of wholesalers and sub-distributors, to which we deliver more than 1000 references of sweet and savory products, beverages and wines.

A portfolio of leading and well know brands

At the service of food experts, HORECA and grocery stores, we select and distribute a traditional Lebanese range. This range brings together all the essential products for developing culinary specialties from Eastern countries, designing unique and original recipes, or reinventing classic French or European dishes!

Among 1000 rigorously selected references, you will find the essential sesame cream, Lebanese and oriental groceries, thyme (zaatar), hummus, tahina, grilled eggplant, pomegranate molasses, flower water, rose water, vine leaves, labneh, halloumi and other products.

We import the best wines from Lebanon covering wide range: Château Kefraya, Domaine des Tourelles, Château Nakad, Ixsir, Côteaux du Liban. A wide selection which allows our customers to offer rich Lebanese wine list to their customers.
Sodimo is also the official distributor of the Almaza brand in Europe, the well known Lebanese beer.

Discover our catalog of Lebanese products online. Contact us for more details and price quotation.

Our job as a food distributor: is to advice you

Catering, distribution or sales professionals: coming from any sector, we put all our expertise at your service to provide you with personalized advice and meet your needs and your customers requests..

Do you own a supermarket, restaurant, retail store or grocery store?

Specialist in Lebanese cuisine and wines, we offer a complete range of quality products and dedicated customer service meeting your needs and requests.

Thus, you will find in Sodimo a reliable partner and the serenity of a unique supplier for all your requests… with the guarantee of delivery within 48 hours in France.

Are you a food or beverage supplier?

Serving a large number of points of sale in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Malta, Spain, Norway, Italy, Germany, Austria, Ireland and Portugal, our sales force is able to quickly introduce your products in the market.
Discover the other brands distributed by Sodimo

A vision of growth in line with our values: commitment, proximity, quality

Sodimo has made it its mission to introduce to the French and European markets the richness of Lebanese cuisine and the quality of its wines. And we are proud today to be the leader in Europe in the market of products originated from Lebanon.
We draw our strength from a strategy of proximity and transparency with our suppliers and our customers, and the source of our success from a complete range of products with excellent value for money.

Our development model is defined by a constant dynamic of growing operations in line with our values:

  • expansion of our catalog with, in particular, fresh and frozen foods;
  • increase our presence in our key accounts customer portfolio;
  • reinforcement of our network of wholesalers and sub-distributors;
  • development of our presence in Europe, with in particular a recent establishment in Belgium and Germany;
  • finalization of our digital transformation by 2023: completion of the redesign of our site, implementation of digital processes including order taking, deployment of online sales, etc.
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